Contact ME

Please consider communicating with me via this blog.  By posting comments I can get back to you in a timely fashion and it will allow others to benefit from your questions and input.

Otherwise, for professional communication, speaking engagements and workshop information please email me @ OR contact me at my clinic:


16945 Leslie St., Unit 17

Newmarket, ON, Canada

(905) 898-8098

More information can be found @

2 thoughts on “Contact ME

  1. Suzanne McDonald Cece

    This is truly fantastic, Laura. My family and I are members of your clinic, and under Dr. Warner’s care. I have also taken the Desire Map workshop with yourself and Jenn Pike. In fact, I am curently working with Jenn Pike on a one-to-one basis regarding holistic nutrition. I often read the posts you share through Jenn Pike. This post is speaking directly to my soul, and pinpoints exactly what I know I NEED to do to create a more fulfilled and self-full life. Many, many thanks!

    Suzanne 😊

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