About Laura

Laura is a proud west coast native. She grew up in beautiful British Columbia and received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Victoria. She then went on to complete her Doctorate of Chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, California. She practiced on Bainbridge Island, WA before finally settling in Ontario, Canada.


Dr. Laura Foster is the owner and clinic director of Foster Family Chiropractic & Associates.  She has been a practicing chiropractor for the last eighteen where she has felt immense gratitude for the hundreds of families she calls practice members.  During this time she has enjoyed facilitating many workshops, countless educational seminars, mentored practicing chiropractors and published a multitude of articles on a variety of topics.  Her chiropractic practice is truly special and reflective of the unique approach that she has brought forth and the life lessons she has been open to receiving.

Laura has received numerous awards and nominations. She was the 2003 recipient of the region’s Chamber of Commerce Small Business Award. For the last six years she has also been awarded the annual Era Banner Reader’s Choice Awards in Chiropractic. She has also been previously nominated for the York Region Woman of the Year and the York Region Character Community Award. She has also received several awards from her peers in the chiropractic profession.

As long as Laura can recall she has always been reaching forward in life.   She is an avid runner, yogi and triathlete.  She has twice completed the ultra endurance race, Ironman Canada, which she believes is living proof that you can truly accomplish whatever you have the courage to imagine for yourself.

Laura has two fabulous children.  Parenting has taught her more about love, forgiveness, authenticity, respect and potential than she ever thought possible.  Her passion is chiropractic, vegetarian food, sport, quantum healing, adventure travel and human potential.

With love,


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