Living Consciously and Doing The Work

Here’s what I know:

I AM responsible for the landscape of my life.

And so are you.  We all ‘know’ this from an academic part of our brain, but I’m certain we don’t all take this to heart in the way that allows us to truly measure up to our potential.  Over the last 5 years or so I’ve lived far more consciously than I ever have in the past and I have never been happier and more fulfilled. Is life perfect?  Hell yes.  It’s perfectly imperfect.  In fact, perfect has a new meaning for me.  It doesn’t mean flawless.  It means wholeness.  That’s perfection. So yes, my life is perfect.  This still means I step up, challenge myself and strive for more.  It’s my personality and it feeds my soul.

What feeds your soul?

What lights you up?

What allows you to flirt with the idea of perfection?

I know many of us struggle with this and I’m going to offer you a challenge.  Instead of making yourself busy with the going-ons of your life, how about you ask yourself these questions every day for the next month.  Ask the universe to reveal more of who you really are.  Ask your soul what you truly need to be ‘perfect’.

I’m the HABITS and RITUALS girl and I can’t let a blog post go by without asking you to level up with yourself.  Want more? Ask more. Listen more. Appreciate more.  So here’s my top rituals that will help you live more soulfully, more self-aware and more lovingly within your true self.

1.Get up earlier. It just is. Stop getting cranky about it.  Go to bed earlier and carve out 20-30 minutes of time BEFORE the rest of your family and life erupts and find a place to BE in the space of your home.  Bonus points: make it inviting.  Candles, comfy chair, great pillow, cup of tea, fresh pressed java … whatever it takes.

2. Create intention around your day.  How do you want your day to go? How do you want your day to FEEL?  What do you want to manifest for yourself?  Don’t know? Ok, pick up your awesome blank-page journal you just invested in and start doodling.  Think of a time in your life when you FELT lighthearted and free, inspired and excited.  Write down the words that come to mind when you think of this time, all over the page and freestyle it. Don’t give me that face … trust me. Do this enough times and you will start to connect with that which brings you joy and when it becomes more clear, create an intention around your day that includes the very essence of how you want to feel in your life.

“Today I FEEL free.  I AM lighthearted.  I ATTRACT people and experiences to me that light me up and bring me joy.  I HAVE a sense of abundance. ”

You write the script.  There are no rights or wrongs.

3. Consider meditating.  YUP, I love me some guided meditation.  I’ve gone through times in my life where I sat quietly for 40-50 minutes at a time with my bolster and candle light. And I’ve also gone through times when my squirrel brain was on overdrive.  Currently I’m in a huge passion production mode and 10 minute guided meditations are perfect for me.  Don’t know where to start? Start here Downloadable Meditation Series.

4. Embody gratitude.  I know you know this…. but have you ever truly shown gratitude?  A good friend turned me on to this: The Five-Minute Journal.  Do you need a journal to show gratitude? OF COURSE NOT, but let’s face it.  Accountability works. What I love about this journal is … it’s truly 5 minutes or less and it doesn’t have a calendar of days in it.  It’s 365 days of journaling, but if you skip a day or miss a week … no worries, you just continue onwards.

The point of this is,


Far too often we yearn for something different.  We want a different life experience, but we want it to fall into our lives.  When we are living more consciously and more from our soul’s desires and needs, life becomes really simple and uncomplicated.  It’s less about things and more about experiences. It’s less about attainment and more about fulfilment.

One of the BEST things about soulful living is that you naturally starting living more in alignment with your higher self. You become incredibly attuned to your inner vibration and so does the universe.  People, experiences and opportunities start showing up in your life in ways that you  never imagined.  It’s PERFECT.  It’s wholeness.

But DON’T KID YOURSELF, you need to do THE WORK.  I know what you’re thinking, life shouldn’t be HARD WORK.  I didn’t say it had to be hard.  I simply said it’s work to live consciously.  In a day and age when our culture rewards being zoned out, busy and disconnected, it takes mindfulness to create time and space for expansion.  So yes, in a sense, it’s work.  It just won’t happen without intention.

Be honest with yourself and decide if you want more from your life. IF the answer is yes, start here and make these daily rituals (or something similar that resonates more with you) part of your life for the next 30 days … and then we’ll talk.


You are deserving

xoxo DRF

5 thoughts on “Living Consciously and Doing The Work

  1. Steph Dewulf

    My gratitude for today is this newsletter. Thank you. So much. Your wisdom is encouraging to me because I’m willing to bet you were similar to me when you were at my stage of the game. It’s nice to figure life out with a little added guidance. Xo

    Sent from my iPhone



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    drlaurafoster posted: “Here’s what I know:

    I AM responsible for the landscape of my life.

    And so are you.  We all ‘know’ this from an academic part of our brain, but I’m certain we don’t all take this to heart in the way that allows us to truly measure up to our potential.  O”

  3. Diana-Nicole Gerritsen

    Hello there….

    I can tell by your writings below that I know this will find you wholesomely well and as radiant as always. I wanted to let you know that over this past week your posts, writing (as below), instagraming, etc.. has been speaking to me on a level that I seem to be more consciously in-tuned to or opening myself up towards. I am thanking you for helping me dig deeper and live more consciously in my day and will be doing the work you mentioned below (I already got #1 down pat!).

    Life is quite different these days for me and I am doing the shitty, tough, get-my-elbows into it work to live that wholesome life… the work aint’ pretty but it will be worth it.

    Much love to you and thanking the universe for continually having my path cross with your awesomeness.

    D. xo


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