Unleash Your Potential – Tony Robbins Style

I am adamant about spending time CREATING my life.  It’s as exciting to me as anything I’ve ever done.  I constantly think about how my littlest actions, predominant thoughts and niggling worries affect my ability to move closer to or further away from what I want.  EVERY day I spend time being über conscious of my affirmations, actions and interactions. Call me strange, but I actually find it kind of fun.

Life is based on energy and vibration.  When I spend time with people who are vibrating at my level or above I rise up.  When I don’t … well, you get it.  Every once in a while I enroll myself in an event or process that catapults me ahead.  We just spent the last four days hanging out with Tony Robbins and his phenomenal team at Unleash Your Potential Within.  50 hours, digging deep, listening hard & asking yourself the questions that need to be asked IF you want to create YOUR ultimate existence.  Oh, and you do a firewalk.


I’ve been to this event before with my husband.  It was the BEST investment in US we’ve ever done.  Bar none.  Hands down. No discussion.


I decided I wanted to raise the bar even higher and edge skyward, but first I needed to back up and grab my kids.  They needed to be part of this journey.  Sure, they’d be incredibly influenced and forever changed by our new intentioned way of living and interacting.  In fact, they have been – I’ve watched how we’ve ‘shifted’ things since we went to UPW.  I still felt it wasn’t the same thing as them going too.  You might ask yourself, what would 10 & 11 year old boys gain from an adult oriented program?  Great question.  I wish I could answer that for you.  I have no friggin idea what they gained BUT I do know that they aren’t the same people who walked into that seminar 4 days ago.  They listened and sat and jumped and laughed and thought and set goals and asked themselves questions.  They interacted with each other, us, our friends and other human BE-ings who are all there just to create a greater life existence.  My eleven year old even rolled up his pants and marched across 2000 degree coals and gave himself a giant internal high five.  What will this event mean for us as a family?  To steal a line from Mastercard – its priceless.


Tony Robbins aside (and btw, if you’re thinking “isn’t that the dude from the infomercials in the 80’s?” YES< it is.  Unless you’ve been, don’t judge.  I am certain that he has something to teach you – in a big way), above all it was an energetic investment in us as individuals and us as a family.  I’m beyond proud of us.  We kicked serious ass.


Here’s the way I look at it.  Go to Tony Robbins.  Don’t go to Tony Robbins.  It really isn’t about him or his program.  It’s about making your dreams come true. That’s not always easy.  In fact, sometimes you need a major shift in your trajectory and sometimes you need to heal some limiting thoughts and beliefs about yourself.  Only you know what resonates with you.  Lead with your gut and make it happen.


You deserve a big juicy life.

xo DRF

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