The WHY Behind

If you know me already,  you know this, I’ve got a lot to say.  The awesome thing about the internet is this: if you aren’t digging what I’m saying, you can delete me in a nanosecond.  If you choose to stay then please comment, interact and be inspired (or at the very least,  informed).

I already have a blog @   .  It represents my Chiropractic passion.  This is the place where I’ve been fortunate enough to serve the BE-ings of my community for the last 16 years.  SOMEtimes I’m not sure my blog posts are 100% appropriate for my Chiropractic life.  For example, if you are checking out my clinic site and you randomly land on our blog and happen to read a enthusiastic rant from me, what context will you have to realize that I’m really a lot more balanced than I may appear in that moment.  It’s true – I think about these things.

Regardless of my reasons, here I am.  If inclined, check back often for my view on a variety of items 100% related to BEING YOUR BEST YOU.  Seriously, it’s that simple.  In the meantime, MAKE yourself a fabulous day.  xo DRF

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